Star wars get stylish

Source: The Rouge

Jag citerar: "Bad joke alert: May the fourth be with you this sunny morning because it’s World Star Wars Day today, a date geeks all over the planet have highlighted and triple underlined in their laminated diaries. And normally today would pass without much more than an embarrassing display of fandom at a convention and point-dexters messing their sensible slacks over Princess Leia’s funny looking bra.

That was until master illustrator John Woo swapped our favourite Star Wars characters’ lightsabers for lightweight jackets by dressing them in cooler, less other-worldly looks. Who’d have thought Jar Jar Binks could pull off Margiela with such aplomb, or that Bobba Fett rocks Supreme with such swagger? What’s more, if you fancy a souvenir of the day with a lot more street cred than a signed photo of Mark Hamill, you can buy a print from John’s Etsy shop, a vast improvement on the plastic tat and dog-eared trading cards that usually do the rounds."

Roligt inlägg från Ian Wright!


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